Pizzeria POS Systems and software in Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Our system is designed to automate your business, remove inefficiency, drive sales growth and allow you to do more in less time than ever before. Calgary POS Solution is designed specifically for pizza operations. This makes it easy to track inventory at the ingredient-level, so you can rest assured, knowing you’re stocked up on the freshest ingredients for your customers. Set low stock alerts, so you never find yourself in a tight spot. Manage all vendor relations from a single dashboard automate the system to initiate inventory orders when inventory drops to a pre-defined threshold.

Whether your customers place orders online, on a mobile device, or via phone call-in, they will all appear on a single dashboard in the Calgary Pizzeria Shop POS System. This streamlines your order-taking process and allows the kitchen staff to remain on top of it at all times. In addition, you can track delivery personnel at all times to ensure your product is being delivered on-time.

You can modify the menu on the fly with a few taps and swipes. You can also add half toppings, full toppings, and other custom requests in Brilliant’s intuitive user interface.

Some of the key features of our POS System are-

• Table management
• Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out, Staff Bank, Payroll management and Scheduling
• Online Ordering (With automatic order printing in kitchen)
• Split and Combine Bills
• Service charges, Tips, Delivery Charges and Kitchen staff commission
• Gift card processing
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports
• Reports for Auditing, Inventory, Sales and Tax
• Integrated pole display, customer display, Caller ID and Bump Bar
• Integrated with payment providers (Debit and Credit Sales)
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Payouts like Vendor payout, Cash pullout
• Training mode and production mode
• Flexible Menu
• Open food facility
• Staff Foods, Complimentary meals
• Deliveries with customer information
• Recipe Management
• Customer Loyalty etc
• Multiple Language Support
• Auto Back Up System (Onsite and Offsite)
• Customize access for Employee
• Customer Reservations
• Discount Levels
• Enterprise setup for Multi-Location Franchise chain


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