Real Estate Business

Digital Solutions for real-estate businesses or any other agency

Gone are the days of printing flyers for your properties. A Live Digital display will lift the impact of your shop front display, and gives your agency a competitive advantage. With our easy to use web based software, you can control your screens from anywhere in the world. Our team combines a knowledge of software development with hardware installation experience in a multitude of contexts, with an approach to in-store design, content creation and real estate window displays that measurably improve sales success.

• • Increase profit- We only provide the very best in technology, maximise your return from your real estate display investment.

• Visible clear & appealing- Our displays are larger in size, more bright and more durable. This means your displays are clearly visible, even on bright sunny days, and your office display looks professional.

• Promote your business- By placing a digital signage system right on your office window, you will open up your entire listings to anyone passing by your storefront display if desired.

• Interactive - Our society is growing accustomed to touching and interacting with everything and why shouldn't the home buying experience be the same way?



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