Pharmacy Pos

Pharmacy POS Systems and Software in Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Your Complete Pharmacy Software Solution

Calgary POS is specially designed for pharmacy whether it is small or large. It will make the process faster to help your customer for OTC or prescription scanning. It will manage all your inventory efficiently, order products from Calgary POS directly to major pharmacy distributors such as K & F, McKesson Canada, UniPHARM etc., manage staff scheduling and clock-in/out and get reports for valuable information whenever you need. Our help full technical support will walk you through the setup process and ready to help when you need.

If you own more than one store or would like to own another store, Calgary POS was built from the ground up with multi-store tools at its core. Centralizing management saves time and money while giving you the opportunity to stay in complete control.

Integration with point of sale systems

Point of Sale (POS) system integration is becoming increasingly important within the enterprise. POS systems allow retailers, restaurants and other similar organizations effectively manage operating tasks and in-store sales and purchases––from scanning product data and printing receipts to swiping a credit/debit card and entering credentials on a pinpad. In order to be effective, POS systems must be integrated with other applications within an organization’s technology stack. Failure to integrate the POS system with existing technology — like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system — can lead to time consuming, inefficient processes as well as create inaccurate results due to error-prone manual inputs.

Some of the major features of our POS System are listed below-

• Scan bar code
• Inventory management
• Purchase order and receiving from vendors like K & F, UniPHARM, McKesson directly from POS System
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports
• Quick Book integration
• Integration of POS with security cameras
• Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out, Payroll management and Scheduling
• Integrated with payment providers (Debit and Credit Sales)
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Vendor supplied label printing
• Payouts like Vendor payout, Cash pullout
• Training mode and production mode
• Customer Loyalty etc
• Equipment Rentals
• Multiple Language Support
• Auto Back Up System (Onsite and Offsite)
• Customize access for Employee
• Customer Appointment
• Discount Levels
• Enterprise setup for Multi-Location Franchise chain AND MUCH MORE….



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