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Providing IT Solution or you deal in IT products? If you sell hardware and software products and are looking to add a remunerative product to your offerings, please listen up.

We invite you to start marketing the Calgary POS™ Complete POS Solution to owners of stand-alone to Multi Business and focusing on chain-of-Business.

You will be able to make nice profits, marketing the entire hardware and software related to these. Your clients will be a happy lot because of several unique benefits you can offer them. Here is why you should consider this attractive Resellership offer:


Attractive margins at lower efforts and investments as you can start with your existing infrastructure.


We pass on the leads and corporate orders of your area to you.

Installed Base

Huge installation base across country helps to sell more with a nice credibility.


Easy interface enables you for fastest implementation and training.

Strong Support

Heavily tested and relatively bug-free software - very few support calls.

Product Upgrades

Our in-house team of developers and consultants brings out best of industry upgrades at regular intervals.

Technology Update

Special training on Barcode and POS hardware and SQL Server - your marketing and support people operate with more confidence.

Industry Update

Discussion of current restaurant trends and issues



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