An online ordering solution which is in-built in your Point of Sales system. Our Online Ordering system is integrated directly within your existing website to ensure brand integrity and effortless customer interaction.

If you do not have website already, Calgary POS is always happy to serve you reach your customers, we offer clear and effective Website Designing Services Canada to suit your style. We have the knowledge, skills and experience. If there is a good presentation of your business on the Internet, your website visitors will have an optimal experience while visiting your site and won’t hesitate to buy your product or service.

Have your customers place their own orders online directly on your website and get the order directly in your POS at you store. Engaging customers online allows business operators of all sizes to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction, increase customer traffic and ultimately drive revenue and profit growth.

Why online ordering?

Flexible menu
Updates to inventory and menu items are pushed seamlessly to all menus – both in the restaurant and online.
All orders integrated
save minutes on each order by sending all tickets directly to your kitchen.
Customizable ordering hours
Set windows for accepting takeout and delivery orders to ensure a great guest experience overall.
Delivery zones
Dispatch your drivers to complete deliveries within a pre-set zone.


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