E-commerce integration with Ranger POS.

E-commerce integration with Ranger POS.

What is an ecommerce point-of-sale (POS) system? Put simply, it’s a digital solution that allows you to process orders or transactions across various channels. Integrating your POS and ecommerce site means having one holistic view of your customers and business. Inventory, orders, gift cards, images—all of these and more sync, offering your customers a seamless omni channel shopping experience. Here’s a look at more specifics.

• Selling at many platforms the same time: With two major platforms, POS and E-commerce, joined together, you have two selling platforms which attracts multiple customers

• Inventory in real time and no more over-selling: By having a direct line of sight to inventory, you won’t have to worry about over-selling products and cutting your customers’ orders. It’s a win-win for everyone. You will have real-time access to your inventory.

• No longer manually input data: With e commerce integrated with POS system you can get rid of manually inputting data in your POS. The inventory will automatically be counted with on your e-commerce sight via our POS system.

• Offer cross-channel promotions and discounts: Many ecommerce platforms make it easy to enable promotions within their own system, but a POS system integration takes it a step further.

No longer do you have to make a choice between applying all of your promotions to either online and offline channels • Improve customer experience: By connecting your POS system to your online store, you create a seamless experience for your customers. You’re allowing them to pay in various ways, make online ordering seamless, and even integrate marketing initiatives like loyalty programs.

• Customers and leverage: With e-commerce integration with POS you have all the customer information on one platform and it becomes easier for you to note the shopper trends on both channels. This not only allows you to make constructive recommendations but all market them more effectively.



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