Run your business anywhere with the Poynt Smart Terminal — a fast, wireless POS device with built-in features to help you serve customers better. Use Poynt’s apps to manage everything from accounting to customer feedback.


Take your point of sale anywhere with Poynt 5 — a fast, lightweight POS device that fits in your pocket. The Poynt 5 is perfect for tableside, in-aisle, or on-the-go payments and features an app store that offers everything from accounting to inventory management apps.


Accept quick and secure payments anywhere with the Ingenico Move/5000. Enjoy increased speed and a user-friendly touchscreen. This wireless terminal is perfect for restaurants who want pay-at-table solutions.


Accept quick and secure payments at your counter with the Ingenico Desk/5000. Enjoy increased speed and a user-friendly touchscreen. The Desk/5000 can also be connected to your talech POS for a convenient and secure checkout experience.


Accept payments anywhere with the Clover Flex — a reliable POS device with built-in apps to make your day-to-day operations run smoother. Use the Clover Flex POS System Dashboard to manage your business from any internet-connected device.


Online Reporting & Mobile App -Track sales, settle payments, and get real-time insights and analytics with the Poynt HQ portal and mobile app

Product Catalogue - Upload your products, create modifiers, and organize them by category

Customer Engagement - Store purchase history, engage customers with satisfaction surveys, and respond to feedback in real-time via the Poynt HQ portal

Cash Transaction Entry - Track cash payments and tips on your Poynt 5 to get a consolidated view of your sales and revenue

Dual Touchscreens - Streamline your check out and experience with a merchant facing touchscreen and a customer-facing touchscreen

Customizable Branding - Upload your company design to the customer-facing screen and add your branding to receipts

Payment Flexibility - Accept all forms of payment, including, chip (EMV), swipe (magstripe), and contactless (NFC)

Receipt Flexibility - Let your customers choose to receive print, email, or SMS text receipts

Wireless Freedom - Accept payment anywhere with extended battery life and both wi-fi and 3G connectivity Multiple Payments - Split bills between credit, debit, cash, and gift cards in just a few quick taps

Safe-T Security - Protect your business with an extra layer of security, including end-to-end encryption and tokenization on your Poynt 5 terminal

Multi-Location Capabilities - Keep track of all your business locations on your Poynt 5 terminal. Easily switch between multiple business accounts as needed


Contactless payment reader
Magstripe reader
Chip card reader
5-inch HD touchscreen with colour display
Charging cradle
Anti-theft security slot
Built-in camera and barcode scanner
Battery life: 8 hours
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Size: 7.7 in x 3.2 in x 2.0 in

Available Apps

Sale - Take secure transactions with the Sale app. You can also accept money from gift cards and EBT cards

Refund - Use the Refund app to refund a previous transaction or issue a manual refund. Manual refunds require a payment card from the customer

Transactions - Use the Transactions app to keep records of the tender type used in the transaction, cardholder names, and which employee and which device handled the transaction

Closeout - Use the Closeout app to close out when you’re finished with the business day and view a report to see how much your business made during the day

Reporting - Stay informed on how your business is performing with reports on the Web Dashboard Phone Sale - Use the Phone Sale app to take payment over the phone

Employees -Track and manage your employees, and assign employee roles and permissions on your device Customers - Use the Customers app to automatically build your customer database. See transaction-level history on every customer, collect customer contact information, send them offers, and add detailed information to customer profiles, like notes, birthday and workplace

Printers - Improve the flow of orders by setting up and managing printers in the Printers app



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