Stripe payments

Stripe payments

CalgaryPOS is integrated with Stripe payments- the complete payment platform, engineered for growth. You can accept payments and move your money globally using Stripe’s powerful API’s and software solutions designed to help you gain more revenue. A unique platform for all your payment obligations.

Accepting payments

Customer interface:

It creates a perfect checkout experience on all browsers and devices. You have a range of options to find the right fit for your business, among hosted payment page, UI components to design your custom payment form, accept payments in person using Stripe terminal, send invoices and request payments from customer and third party integrations.

Payment options:

To help you grow your business globally it gives your customers their preferred payment option, so select the right payment methods among cards, wallets, bank debits or e-transfers, bank redirect, buy now pay later, cash-based vouchers, international currencies and even accept payments from IOS app, android app or a mobile website to reach broader audience.

Process Payments

Whether you are looking to accept online payments, setup subscriptions or power payments for a platform or marketplace, Stripe provides a complete tech-stack to support any business

Revenue Optimization

Our dynamic payments API lets you apply smarter authentication logic to maximize conversion while minimizing the disruption to user experience. Stripe’s pre-processing layer helps every business get closer to the bare metal through multi-regional direct connections to the major card networks, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This lets Stripe optimize routing paths, provide the most granular data, and reduce transaction latency.

Settle and reconcile

You will be able to create financial reports directly with Stripe data—no separate reports from American Express or separate bills from gateways and merchant account providers. You can use our built-in reporting features or create your own reports through the API, system automatically sync your Stripe data with your accounting ledger. With the help of Stripe API you get unified payouts across all the different payment methods instantly, quickly and easily

Manage Payments
Reporting and insights

Use SQL to quickly analyze your Stripe data, create custom reports, View and manage all your Stripe data, customers, plans, balances and get insights—right inside the Dashboard. With structured access to your data, you can do things such as: identify which customers are least likely to churn this year, pinpoint your most popular SKUs, or generate a list of unpaid invoices. You can track and manage your payments on the go by seeing your daily earnings, new customers, and payments.

Account security & control

Don’t Hesitate to share your Stripe account Access with other team members as each user gets an individual account with fine-grained access control and visibility.



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