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Your Complete Retail Business Software Solution

For over 15 years, we have been providing retail point of sale software to businesses in a variety of industries including those specializing in apparel, pet products, gifts, novelties, wine and spirits and many more. We can also meet the retail POS system needs of retail franchises.

We have the experience needed to help our clients streamline their business management process. By utilizing retail point of sale software designed by our team, executives have experienced clarity in the transaction process while enhancing customer satisfaction and Calgary easing their bottom line.

Rely on our team! There’s a reason why our solutions have been deployed on thousands of retail point of sale terminals throughout Canada.

Calgary converged retailing

Together our success extends beyond the store. you can provide consumers a ubiquitous experience based on where and how they want to interact. Calgary Advanced Marketing Solution to self-checkout personalization, point-of-sale software and services, moves beyond multi-channel retailing and enables seamless consumer interactions, whether at home, on the go, or in the store.

Designing, Building, Installing and Servicing

Calgary offers solutions that optimize efficiencies at the point of sale, enhance the customer experience and transform businesses, along with services that make life easier. Our innovative solutions address retailer needs in multiple industries from grocery to general merchandise to convenience stores and specialty retail including POS software, hardware, kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout, services and more.

Additionally, we’re back in the business of helping small business. Calgary POS is a simple, complete and powerful POS solution that helps small businesses run their business, connect with customers and sell anywhere.

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Some of Major Features of Calgary POS are :

• Scan barcode
• Purchase order and receiving
• Vendor supplied label printing
• Gift card processing
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports • Reports for Auditing, Inventory and Sales
• Quick Book integration
• Integrated with payment providers
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Integration of POS with security cameras
• Employee Clock-In/Clock-Out, Payroll management and Scheduling
• Online Ordering
• Gift card processing
• Email setup for daily and monthly sales reports
• Reports for Auditing, Inventory, Sales and Tax
• Integrated with payment providers (Debit and Credit Sales)
• Payment collection in international currencies
• Payouts like Vendor payout, Cash pullout
• Training mode and production mode
• Customer Loyalty etc
• Multiple Language Support
• Auto Back Up System (Onsite and Offsite)
• Customize access for Employee
• Customer Appointment
• Discount Levels
• Enterprise setup for Multi-Location Franchise chain



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